Honors and Awards


Honors and Awards


Grand Prize 2017 Fresh Coast Plein Aire Competition, Marquette MI June 30















'The Dock"  Watercolor on 140# paper Grand Prize winning painting by Kathleen Mooney KathleenMooney.com


"Maize, Smoke and Gourd" by Kathleen Mooney http://www.kathleenmooney.com/ - Finalist Annual International Juried Competition

The Artist's Magazine 2014 - selected from over 7,500 entries world wide.

"That's How The Light Gets In" 12 x 12 Watermedia on paper

by Kathleen Mooney http://www.kathleenmoney/.com

Tour of the USA and the country of Wales in 2013 and 2014.

Interior Design Magazine May 31, 2014 p196 "Legends" collection "Flowers" by Kathleen Mooney http://www.kathleenmooney.com/

Cover Magazine - London, UK - Spring 2015 Issue 38 - "Amergin Symbols" by Kathleen Mooney www.kathleenmooney.com


Selected Honors and Awards:

NWS - National Watercolor Society - Signature Status 2011 "Trajectory", "Passing", and "Booster" from the Night Skies series

NWS - Annual International Exhibit 2011 "Coordinates"

NWS - Touring Exhibit 2011 - "Coordinates" painting selected from the NWS annual exhibit to tour to six venues in the USA

NWS - "Irish Coast" Shenzen China & 4 museums in China 2015 2016 - and NWS China Exchange Exhibit CA 2016

NWS - Annual International Exhibit 2017 "Sunflowers for Vincent"

ISAP - International Society of Acrylic Painters - Signature Status 2015

ISAP - International Society of Acrylic Painters - "Ages of the Moon" selected for Citra Solv award August 2015

Edward Hopper Art Center - "Patterns - Timeworn" in Nyack NY Annual Exhibition 2017

University of Wisconsin Parkside 2017 - "Timeworn No.4" is accepted in the 25th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition 

Crooked Tree Arts Center 2016 - "Raven Flight" is promotional art for the exhibit, "Spirit" receives Honorable Mention award

Edward Hopper House - NY 2016 - 3 paintings from the "Timeworn" series are selected for Small Matters of Great Importance exhibit.

Pier Arts Center 2016 - Stromness, Orkney, UK - 3 paintings from 2016 Art Residency on Orkney Islands will be on exhibit. 

Huron Mountain Gallery 2017 - 2 paintings from 2015 "Painters on the Loose" wilderness paint-in NW of Marquette, MI.

Citra Solv Artist of the Month - Sept / Oct 2015 - Monetary, product and "Artist of the Month" award ISAP Signature Exhibit 2015

ISEA - Nautilus Fellowship Signature 2011 - awarded with six acceptances in ISEA international juried exhibitions

ISEA - "Cutting Edge" Award 2010 "A Tear the Sun Let Fall"

ISEA / NWS / Wales Group - International Exchange Exhibit 2013 and 2014 - "That's How The Light Gets In" on tour to 3 locations: Sanibel, FL - San Pedro, CA - and Barry, in the country of Wales

ISEA - Annual International Juried Competitions - Exhibits 2006 MI, 2007 CA, 2008 PA, 2009 TX, 2010 MI, 2011 WA, 2012 MA, 2013 FL, 2014 CA, 2015 Online, 2015 MI

Foreign Accents Rugs - 2014 Featured Collection "Legends" at Spring International Home Furnishings Market - High Point NC with #HATtag Editor's Choice from Home Accents Today, 2015.  Spring and Fall High Point Markets 2014, 2015, 2016.

Art Residencies - Ireland 2015, 2016, 2017.  Florida 2016.  Orkney Islands - UK 2016, Georgia O'Keeffe's iconic Ghost Ranch, NM 2017.

Lowell!Arts - "Making Pies"  abstract acrylic on canvas - Honorable Mention - West Michigan Art Competition 2017 -- also accepted was abstract acrylic on panel "When LOVE Came to Town".

Watercolor Artists Magazine - December, 2017: "Ones to Watch" one of 5 national finalists.  3 artworks and a two page feature article - "India Song Bouquet", "Orange and Purple in Glass Vase" and "Sunflowers for Vincent".

The Artist's Magazine - 2014: Finalist Annual International Juried Competition - selected from over 7,500 entries world wide.  "Maize, Smoke, and Gourd".


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