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Kathleen Mooney provides Art Instruction by appointment and by contract at your location. Contact here 


New! One Day classes held monthly at Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell

Reserve Your Class Today ... My workshops will be added each month Workshop Schedule at FLPC --- so keep checking the listing!

ONE DAY painting classes with Kathleen Mooney at FLPC Franciscan Life Process Center  - What YOU should bring:

___4 tubes or bottles of acrylics in colors you enjoy.  These do not need to be new / full tubes.  ___3 tubes of watercolor in colors you enjoy.  These do not need to be new / full tubes.  ___White gesso.  ___A pack of Unscented baby wipes.  ___If you wear gloves - only NON LATEX gloves PLEASE!  ___2-4 garbage bags to protect your work surface.  ___Paper plates, yogurt cups or whatever you use to mix paints.  ___8 brushes in any sizes that you enjoy painting with.  Acrylic paint is hard on brushes - so you may want to leave your best watercolor brushes at home!  ___Flat box(es) or newspaper to transport your paintings home on.  This protects your car if the paint is not dry when you leave.  ___Reminder - wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting paint on!


Why you want to book your ART workshops EARLY...

  1. To ensure you have a spot reserved - and to recruit your painting buddies to attend too!
  2. To make a commitment to yourself to PAINT - and block out time on your calendar!
  3. Many organizers have to decide as far as 30 days in advance if they have enough reservations -- or if they need to CANCEL.  Book your spot EARLY!
  4. So YOUR materials packet from the presenter can be prepared
  5. To secure your lodging and transportation
  6. So you can prepare and gather inspiration, materials, and supplies
  7. To have enough time to research the presenter’s style
  8. So the organizer can prepare for your comfort and optimum learning environment


Popular Multi-day workshops by Kathleen Mooney:

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