Artist Statement

Digging deep into the human drive to create what we need to see, Kathleen Mooney uses signs and symbols, color and mark making, Neolithic art and archaeology to form thoughtful and thought provoking abstract paintings.

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“Color Connections” explores my response to the color panels created from my signature process of acrylic layering. I choose the colors and layer them in harmonic and nearly landscape horizons. The colors “free associate” words that echo objects without fully presenting them. It is as if they have been present and only just departed.

”My work is centered on the concept of Legends – the Myths,Tales and Truth that we gather as we traverse this personal landscape”.

“My art contains elements of Gee’s Bend quilts and the compositions of Richard Diebenkorn. The lyrical abstractions, signs and symbols, mark making and colors are composed and arranged for maximum effect – the goal centers on balance, harmony and energy”.

Mooney gathers inspiration from her regular trips to the Atlantic coast of Northern Europe where Neolithic and ancient remains are highly concentrated. The coastal landscapes there present endless fascination to the artist. Headquartered in Michigan, Mooney enjoys exploring the Great Lakes, the American Southwest, and US coastal regions. She describes her artistic education as "world culture - a la carte” – “I use precious resources of time and money to study what I need when I need it -- if possible at the source”.

Mooney is a signature and award winning member of National Watercolor Society, International Society of Acrylic Painters, and the International Society of Experimental Artists. She designs rugs for Foreign Accents, Albuquerque NM.

When working directly with paint on canvas or paper Mooney fully expresses the properties of water and pigment while composing with balance and harmony. Line, color, shape, and texture recall rich vistas, coastal magic, or the pure beauty of nonrepresentational abstraction.

Most often Kathleen Mooney utilizes lyrical painting, printmaking, hand cut stamps, and custom stencils to create panels of acrylic paint with expressive and unique colors - recalling the richness of silk. The panels are layered using her strongly harmonic intuition in composition developed through decades of studio practice -- connecting with energy, confidence and cutting edge sensibility.

"The Poet" by Kathleen Mooney