Acrylic Explorations

Acrylic Explorations

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"Norwegian Wood" by Kathleen Mooney   Multiple Watermedia - Acrylic, Gesso, Graphite Pencils, Watercolor on canvas


Enjoy a full day to explore some of the unique properties of working with acrylic paints. There are techniques that acrylics are perfectly suited for that will take your paintings in Watermedia to a new level. Combine acrylics with watercolors, graphite pencil, conte crayon, and ink for a rich surface and a powerful finish!

Kathleen Mooney has been exploring the possibilities for over 2 decades - come share the magic!

Plan on bringing a $15 fee for materials made out to Kathleen Mooney. This $15.00 materials fee includes items that you would have to buy in bulk or spend a lot of time and effort seeking out.  This ensures everyone in the class will have the same standard materials and supplies for this class.  For this class that includes (2) 8x8 canvas panels, a 1 1/2 inch brush, Ink, scraping tools, pipettes, Deli Wrap, Graphite pencil, and Conte Crayon.  You may also use additional colors from my bin of acrylics.

We need a minimum of 4 students to run this class.

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Materials List of what YOU should bring:

4 tubes or bottles of acrylics in colors you enjoy.  These do not need to be new / full tubes.

3 tubes of watercolor in colors you enjoy.  These do not need to be new / full tubes.

White gesso

A pack of Unscented baby wipes

If you wear gloves - only NON LATEX gloves PLEASE!

2-4 garbage bags to protect your work surface.

Paper plates, yogurt cups or whatever you use to mix paints

8 brushes in any sizes that you enjoy painting with.  Acrylic paint is hard on brushes - so you may want to leave your best watercolor brushes at home!

Flat box(es) or newspaper to transport your 8 x 8 panels home on.  This protects your car if the paint is not dry when you leave.

Reminder - wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting paint on!