Painting in Iceland 

with Kathleen Conover and Kathleen Mooney

June 9th through June 14th 2019


Ideal for Independent Travelers - spend as much time as you wish exploring, touring and “free ranging” in stunning Iceland - and enjoy 6 FULL DAYS PAINTING June 9th through June 14th - painting in Hellnar and Arnistapi on the renowned Snaefellsnes Peninsula with “the Kathleen’s”.


Suggested itinerary with 13 days (allowing for additional travel and exploring), more details, and tour information is available via - use the contact form on the website to ask for “Iceland 2019” (or “Iceland 2020” if that works better for you!)


The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is known for rugged, untamed beauty with seals, sea caves, lava formations, singing cave, sea stack formations, Black Stone beach, the glacier, the most beautiful mountain in Iceland, waterfalls, Icelandic horses, historic churches, abandoned fishing communities...


We will be hiking and painting on the coastal paths - come prepared with sturdy footwear, hiking sticks, all weather outerwear, camera and your Plein Air water media!  Beginners through Advanced - all levels of painting experience are welcome!


Kathleen Conover Plein Air and paintings (c) 2018


Kathleen Conover - award winning Plein Air painter - Focus is on teaching color and composition - strengthen your artist’s eye for creative exploration with on location painting!














Kathleen Mooney, workshop images and painting (c) 2018

Kathleen Mooney - award winning Plein Air painter - specializing in abstract contemporary landscapes and international art workshops.








Kathleen Mooney’s Abstract Paintings of Iceland     



Suggested itinerary for 13 days, details, and tour information available via - use the contact form to ask for “Iceland 2019” 

(or “Iceland 2020” if that works better for you!)



NEATLY Print NAME/ PHONE / EMAIL — to give to Kathleen and we will contact you...