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Independent Traveler Art Workshop Dates for 2018 with Kathleen Mooney

Dingle, IRELAND - details and information here >Dingle Ireland – plein aire (outdoor painting) or studio – dates available are May 1-4, May 7-10.  3 to 8 day sessions are available to suit your schedule.  

"Smerwick Bay - Dingle Peninsula" by Kathleen Mooney

Orkney, SCOTLAND – plein aire - some dates available in early June 2019, 2020 and 2021.  3 to 5 day sessions are available to suit your schedule.  This prehistoric landscape features archeology digs, World Heritage sites, myth and legends.  Prepare to be amazed!

"Deep in Time - Orkney Scotland" by Kathleen Mooney (c)

Grand Marais, Michigan 2018  Click here for a complete description, links and registration form

Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO – studio and plein aire painting – watch for dates in 2019.  


“Box Canyon” from my sketchbook by Kathleen Mooney (c)

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, Sept 20-25, 2018. 6 full days of painting - workshop with both plein aire and studio work, 2 Georgia O'Keeffe tours, easy hikes, and a focus on painting this iconic landscape with water media.  The perfect art retreat mixing relaxed / basic lodging and meals with superlative views, daily demos and instruction with nature’s inspiration.  At Ghost Ranch you can “unplug” and PAINT.  Plan to arrive on September 19 and depart September 26 - Stay seven nights / Paint 6 days.  Or add more days to explore on your own - it is so beautiful here!  Information and Registration Form


Grand Marais, MICHIGAN – plein aire – July 20-22, 2018 – click Here for information, links and registration form 

"Plein Aire at Sturgeon Bay, Michigan" by Kathleen Mooney (c)

Marquette, MICHIGAN – studio setting with special group pricing – organizer Michele Tuccini

"Blue Pines" near Marquette Michigan by Kathleen Mooney (c)


Kathleen Mooney is a signature member of NWS National Watercolor Society, a signature member of ISAP International Society of Acrylic Painters, a member of Acrylic Painters USA, and a Nautilus status signature member in ISEA International Society of Experimental Artists with decades of dedicated studio practice and a loyal following of students.  See her recent awards and exhibits in her Adobe Behance Portfolio.

Working in water media – painting and print making using acrylics and or watercolor with special emphasis on Abstraction, Design and Symbolic Meaning.  The workshops feature Plein Aire (outdoor painting) or studio sessions in the most beautiful painting locales loved by independent travelers.


"Poppies for Georgia"  Georgia O'Keeffe Cottage at Ghost Ranch NM by Kathleen Mooney

Independent Traveler Workshops organized by Kathleen Mooney

These workshops are ideally suited for the independent traveler.  You make your own arrangements for transportation, lodging and meals.  Simply show up for your workshop sessions and be free to enjoy the rest of your time as you wish. 

Bring your own supplies and tools or purchase a materials / supply kit for $100.00 USD per person.

3-8 days sessions at $175.00 USD per person per day.  Hours are 10am to 4pm with a break for lunch.

Registration required 6 months in advance.  50% down payment deposit secures your reservation – refundable up to 60 days in advance of the first date of the workshop -- less a $50.00 processing fee (Deposit is forfeited in full if cancellation is within 60 days of first date of workshop). 

You may pay via Credit Card, check or money order.


Special monthly one-day workshops:  Lowell, MICHIGAN – studio setting --- see Franciscan Life Process Center for details see below... to register click here Workshop Schedule at FLPC


Workshops hosted by your art organization – the fees for these workshops are determined by contract in advance.  Contact via for contract details.


New! One Day workshops held at Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell, MI

Here is a listing of the proposed classes and dates. Verify classes / dates and sign up on Workshop Schedule at FLPC




Not in January

NO class in January


Monday February 19

Great Finishes and Acrylics


Friday March 2

Abstraction and Acrylics


Monday April 16

Color and Acrylics


Not in May

NO class in May - Kathleen will be teaching in Dingle, Ireland


Friday June 15

Painting Iconic Landscapes and Acrylics


Monday July 9

Great Shapes and Acrylics


Not in August

No class in August  - Kathleen will be teaching in Michigan's UP.


Not in September

No class in September - Kathleen will be teaching in New Mexico at Ghost Ranch


Friday October 26

Your OWN Collage Papers and Acrylics


Monday November 12

Great Finishes and Acrylics


Not in December

NO class in December




ONE DAY painting classes with Kathleen Mooney at FLPC Franciscan Life Process Center  - What YOU should bring:

____ $15 supply packet fee - your supply packet contains items best purchased in bulk or difficult for you to source on your own - the supply packet ensures we are all working with the same basic tools and materials.  You also have access to Kathleen's sharing supplies

___4 tubes or bottles of acrylics in colors you enjoy.  These do not need to be new / full tubes.  

___Optional, but fun - 3 tubes of watercolor in colors you enjoy.  These do not need to be new / full tubes.  

___White gesso.  

___A pack of Unscented baby wipes.  

___If you wear gloves - only NON LATEX gloves PLEASE!  

___2-4 garbage bags to protect your work surface.  

___Paper plates, yogurt cups or whatever you use to mix paints.

___8 brushes in any sizes that you enjoy painting with.  Acrylic paint is hard on brushes - so you may want to leave your best watercolor brushes at home!  

___ 2 - 3 (or more) pieces of watercolor paper (or canvases) to paint on!  These can be pristine and new or paintings you don't mind painting on top of.  Any size you like to work on is fine.

___Flat box(es) or newspaper to transport your paintings home on.  This protects your car if the paint is not dry when you leave.  

___Reminder - wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting paint on!


Why you want to book your ART workshops EARLY...

  1. To ensure you have a spot reserved - and to recruit your painting buddies to attend too!
  2. To make a commitment to yourself to PAINT - and block out time on your calendar!
  3. Many organizers have to decide as far as 30 days in advance if they have enough reservations -- or if they need to CANCEL.  Book your spot EARLY!
  4. So YOUR materials packet from the presenter can be prepared
  5. To secure your lodging and transportation
  6. So you can prepare and gather inspiration, materials, and supplies
  7. To have enough time to research the presenter’s style
  8. So the organizer can prepare for your comfort and optimum learning environment


Popular Multi-day workshops by Kathleen Mooney:

Class Descriptions - click Title to see details

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NEW 3 day workshop! Intuition and MORE! & MORE is MORE with INTUITION!  

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Studio Time with Instruction   The POWER of Abstraction / Abstraction and Acrylic Explorations 


Materials List 

Prepare for your Class

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