Orkney Inspirations Book Preview

60 contemporary abstract landscape paintings - Orkney, Scotland 2016 by Kathleen Mooney 


  Ireland Inspirations Book Preview

72 contemporary abstract landscape paintings - Dingle Peninsula, Ireland 2016 by Kathleen Mooney  

 Song of Amergin Book Preview

36 contemporary abstract paintings and collected verses of the Song of Amergin - Ireland 2012 by Kathleen Mooney

 A Tear the Sun Let Fall Book Preview

40 pages of contemporary abstract paintings - NASA and the night sky 2012 by Kathleen Mooney

 Legends Book Preview

28 pages contemporary abstract paintings of Legends - Myth, Tales, and Truth 2014 by Kathleen Mooney

 Ireland - Cliffs, Rocks and Fields Book Preview

34 pages contemporary abstract Irish landscapes - Dingle, Ireland 2009 by Kathleen Mooney

 Yellow Dog River Revisited Book Preview

20 pages of contemporary abstract landscapes and photography of the Yellow Dog River and endangered wilderness lands near Marquette, Michigan 2005-2013 by Kathleen Mooney

 Ireland and Memory Book Preview

40 pages of contemporary abstracts, drawings and photography of the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland 2008 by Kathleen Mooney


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