July 2019 - Art News from Kathleen Mooney

Workshops, Local and Current Exhibits, new art, travel and painting...

 Painting in Ireland 2019!

Your OWN Collage Papers Workshop - 3 full days of fun creating your own

collage papers with acrylics, custom stamps, and a really powerful way 

of putting it all together into a FINISHED COLLAGE.

Learn how with Kathleen Mooney! 

 "Amergin" collage by Kathleen Mooney (c)KathleenMooney.com

September 16, 17 & 18, 2019 held in Lowell, MI 

sign up here Workshop Schedule at FLPC

"Rose Improv" acrylic painting by Kathleen Mooney (c)KathleenMooney.com - accepted in ISEA International Exhibit 2019

Introduction to Acrylics - held nearly every other month from 1-4pm

and a full day of Acrylics on  Aug 18 - in Lowell, MI! Sign up here Workshop Schedule at FLPC

 Ireland Night Sky by Kathleen Mooney (c)KathleenMooney.com

This painting is available for purchase 8" x 8" acrylic on paper - unframed $90.00 - Contact me!  This is one of the acrylic paintings I painted in Ireland this spring!  I was inspired by an art exhibit on the "Battle of Ventry" during the Spring Festival Bealtaine.  The battle was fierce, but LOVE was a big part of the story.

 View from the Cottage by Kathleen Mooney (c)KathleenMooney.com

This is a painting in one of my sketchbooks from teaching in Iceland this year.  June was a beautiful time to go!  We had perfect weather (almost) all the time and so much fun painting in the great outdoors and at the cottage table.  The glacier and this volcano cone were right outside the cottage - every day "hey, there's a glacier out here!" - It was dream come true to go to Iceland and PAINT!  Add in Viking "Sushi", Brunhilda Cake, the scallops at the hotel, fish and chips at the food wagon in Arnarstapi, and the mussels with LIME in Stykkisholmer (don't you love Iceland place names?)... and not just the wonderful food - there was also the Black Pearl beach, hand woven Icelandic wool, Skardsvik beach, Icelandic horses, great friends, my significant birthday, crazy birds, Lupines, gale force wind, painting watercolors with ocean water ... and getting a sun tan IN ICELAND!

Do you love to travel and paint?  Here is your chance!


LAST CHANCE THIS YEAR IS Ghost Ranch NM in October! 

Register NOW - registration is CLOSED July 30th! Contact Me!

Here is "Afloat" which I am so happy to tell you was accpted into Michigan Water Color Society's competition this year - It received the MWCS Award and is in the Traveling show until the end of 2019.

"Afloat" by Kathleen Mooney (c)KathleenMooney.com

I painted "Evening Glow" in the 

Fresh Coast Plein Air Competition in Marquette MI June 28, 29 & 30

as a part of Art Week in Marquette  - It won the Dusk to Dark award!

Soon I will be painting in all 3 Glen Arbor Plein Air Competitions

August 1,2 & 3, 2019 - 

special sale receptions and viewings where you can meet all

of the painters.  Plein Air means "painting outside" - it is challenging

and fun for artists and viewers!  Let me know if you will be looking for me!

Kathleen Mooney's LARGE PAINTINGS ON CANVAS, popular greeting cards, and a BIG selection of small Art Trunk Show paintings are featured at Flat River Cottage at 317 East Main Street, Lowell MI 49331 Flat River Cottage 

As usual - If you would like an appointment to view my art - contact me via the website KathleenMooney.com or email!  It would be great to see you!

Enjoy the ART! Hope to see you soon!  Kathleen



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