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Kathleen Mooney

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Notes on Finishing a Painting -  

Yes, we have that rare gift of time -- without many distractions...

I would say that now would be a good time to put yourself in the role of the art instructor.

Write down your goals and how you will get there from here.

Better yet, declare them to someone - now, today!

Record the steps as you move ahead.

Leave a trail of art "bread crumbs" to follow.

Step back and think -- if you only had one thing you can do with this - what would it be?

How can you bring in the power of that special artist - YOU!

Once you get this painting to work, look at it again

and then change it into

a non-representational, free-form, glorious improv painting.

Two chances to learn from one painting!

Share your wonderful art making with the world!

You can do it!  You are ready!

Thanks for being an inspiration to me...



I deeply miss crossing the reed beds near Ballyferriter to get to the cottage...

While I am happy we are well and at home, there is a big ache in my heart for Ireland.

Our current challenges leave me with few words - except that I hope you and "yours" are healthy.

Take care, Kathleen