Ghost Ranch 2018

Independent Traveler Workshop

Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

I love Ghost  Ranch because it has the perfect mix of un-plugged relaxation and incredibly stimulating scenery.  It is basic, simple and nurturing.  In September when I go the temperatures are at their best for Plein Air painting.  And – just in case the weather is spectacular yet challenging we have a 600 square-foot classroom space with tables, chairs, sink and covered patios with a great view of Kitchen Mesa.  The historic sites on the ranch’s 21,000 acres go back to the time of the dinosaurs.  Two lovely on-site museums have ancient pueblo pottery, kachina figures AND dinosaur bones for inspiration.  The ranch staff are very welcoming and love to share the beauty of Ghost Ranch.  Northwest New Mexico is voted often as one of the top ten most beautiful places in the US.  I have included Georgia O’Keeffe tours (2) and a walking tour of the ranch with history, tall tales and insider stories. I am endlessly inspired by it all.  It has entranced me -- and I just can’t wait to go back and paint while sharing it with you!

Did I mention Ghost Ranch was Georgia O’Keeffe’s favorite place to paint?  You may want to immerse yourself in GOK lore – I highly recommend this Audible or print book titled Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of Georgia O’Keeffe by Laurie Leslie.

I usually fly into Santa Fe airport, get picked up by White Buffalo Transport and have a nice relaxing time on the one hour or so drive to the ranch.  Kevin always has some wonderful local insights to share and is an excellent driver.  Note: There are public transportation and car rental options too if you wish.  Note: You will not need a car at the ranch unless you are staying on the upper mesa level and / or do not walk well.  See the Travel FAQs on the ranch website – driving at the ranch is discouraged.

Here is the link to the Ghost Ranch website - I recommend that students book their rooms ASAP as we are at Ghost Ranch at the peak of activity – this is the best time of the year and it is very FULL.  You can book a room at the ranch NOW --  Contact me to reserve a room.  Prepare to be in a room with basic comforts - this incredible place started as a rustler's hide out and then a dude ranch, now a workshop and retreat center.  Meals are cafeteria style, non-frills, nutritious and there are enough vegetarian options.  If you have special diet needs these can be coordinated with the kitchen staff.  There are some other options for meals and lodging in the area, but you would need a car to get to them.

You can walk to the “Pinon” class space from your room if on the main level of the ranch.  If you stay up on the mesa you might prefer driving either your car or hire a golf cart.  From there we will decide where to paint plein air.  Afternoons we will likely be in the Pinon classroom.  It will all depend on the weather each day. We will paint Plein Air (outdoors) as much as possible using indigenous water and whatever else blows our way.  If the weather is challenging (or you need serious shade) we paint in the classroom.  There are a lot of lovely shaded outdoor spaces around the ranch with spectacular views. 

Phone signal and wi-fi are limited to a few spots on the ranch and are sometimes unreliable – for some people this is a plus and others find this frustrating.  There are no televisions or radios in the rooms.  There is a small cantina and Trading Post (gift store) with light meals, snacks, bottled water and some clothing.  There is no ATM at the ranch.  You may use your debit / credit card at the Trading Post and Reception.  

You may ship items to and from the ranch.  Enquire when booking your room.

Please dress for the weather.  The terrain is natural / ungroomed ranch land, roads, and walking trails.  Sturdy footwear is IMPORTANT – have hiking shoes and boots to protect your feet and ankles. It is so disappointing to miss all that beauty because you are not prepared.  I use a hiking stick to help keep my footing and assist with walking at the 6,500-foot elevation.  There is typically a 5-15-minute walk between rooms and meeting facilities on uneven terrain.

I will be teaching “Painting the Iconic Landscape”.  I happily paint from realism to full non-representational abstract mode – and will be happy to accommodate your preference. 

Class runs 10-4 each day with a break for lunch.  I give brief demos on capturing this iconic landscape both in the classroom and painting plein air (outside).  For media I recommend watercolors with some gesso and perhaps a little acrylic.  There will be tours included in the workshop to explore GOK locations and local lore.  This workshop is limited to 12 students – this allows for an easy relaxing pace and attention.

The dates for 2018 are September 20 through September 25 inclusive – this gives 6 full days of painting, tours and enjoying the ranch.  Look for information on this and my other Independent Traveler Workshops on my website -


These workshops are ideally suited for the independent traveler.  You make your own arrangements for transportation, lodging and meals.  Simply show up for your workshop sessions and be free to enjoy the rest of your time as you wish.  Flexibility, relaxation and peacefulness are the goal – supporting a quality painting experience.

Reserve your spot in the “Painting the Iconic Landscape” workshop today.  I look forward to sharing the magic and beauty of Ghost Ranch with you!

Kathleen Mooney 

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Registration Form – Kathleen Mooney’s Independent Traveler Workshop – Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

6 days x $175.00 USD

Includes instruction, demos, workspace, taxes and tours.  Tipping for tours is at your discretion and encouraged. 


DEDUCT $100.00 IF PAID IN FULL BY 6/30/18!!!!


September 20 – 25, 2018 inclusive – 6 days of painting!!!


3 Special tours, workshop space and instruction all INCLUDED in the workshop fee!!!!



Full price = $1,050 USD

Book and pay in full by 6/30/18 and pay a discounted fee of $950 USD

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Better yet!  Recruit other students to attend and you get to deduct $100.00 for each student from YOUR workshop fee - up to the full $1,050.00!

Number of Supply Kits x $100.00 USD (optional – you may bring your own supplies)

There are several art supply stores in Santa Fe.


Includes – paints, brushes, paper, water container, baby wipes, pencil, sharpener, plein air case / work surface.  Use of studio supplies at the classroom.


Lunch and beverages – you may bring your own or purchase at Ghost Ranch.



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CANCELLATION POLICY: All deposits are refundable (less a $50 Handling fee) – but only if you cancel in writing 60 days or more before the start of class. Otherwise, all monies paid are forfeited. No exceptions can be made to this policy, including personal or medical emergencies.

If Kathleen Mooney is forced to cancel a class due to unforeseeable adverse conditions, such as weather, political instability, or other such conditions, you will receive a refund of the workshop fee and supply kit fee paid.

Kathleen Mooney cannot be held responsible for any non-refundable travel arrangements and highly recommends that you purchase your own travel insurance.

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