Elements and Principles Challenge Checklist


Elements and Principles Challenge Checklist Does it all work?????      
ELEMENTS - the most visible and basic components          
PRINCIPLES - the cause and effect which can be repeated and is dependable - using the elements to produce a visual effect          
TECHNIQUE - a way of performing a specific task - a skill or abilty -  efficient achievement    
GOAL -  fluid and flexible - make the result appear effortless, 10,000 units of PRACTICE      
COMPOSITIONAL STYLES - Classic Design Formats - geometric, organic, space (universe), narrative, illustrative, advertising  
horizontal (strata), vertical, diagonal (path, meander), "s" or any other letter form, grid, cruciform, icon, compression, radiating  
Avoid these >>>>>>>>>> Weak / timid Same Same Disharmony "cluttered attic" Boring
Work for These >>>>>>> Powerful / DYNAMIC Emphasis / Dominance Harmony / Balance Unity / Repetition / Variation Opposition / Contrast 
Color          Light            
Lines           Marks            Edges          
Shape  2D                                        Where a Line crosses or encloses          
Value / Relationships                Light and dark               Gradations          
Texture                                            Tactile or visual          
Is there Mystery? Something Unexplained? Intriguing?  Space / depth?          
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