Painting With YOUR Choices


Painting With YOUR Choices - Instructor Kathleen Mooney

Your “Inner Harmonics” – Paint with YOUR Choices
Identify YOUR preferences based on YOUR Inner Harmonics using Kathleen Mooney’s
signature teaching method – this process may remind you of an “eye exam” and
will focus you like a laser.

Examine the principles and elements of design and what they mean
to you - The Artist. Compare and contrast instinct vs. control and preplanning.
Learn easy to apply techniques for “quieting the left brain”.

Explore structure and composition and how they relate to your
choices – balance, proportions and variations. Learn how to listen for and hear
the “Hum” of Inner Harmonics.

Fine tune - opportunities with color – painting's strongest lure.
Shapes, lines and edges and how colors come alive.

Add power with the Abstraction Continuum.

Pursue the subtleties of meeting and merging. Explore and evaluate
incorporating additional colors - your supporting choices.

Finishing touches – adding graphic pop – mark making, calligraphy,
images, stamping and stencils. Fine tune your focal point and direction.

Painting and working with YOUR choices – how to continue in your
own studio practice. Learn handy reminders and tricks and rewards to keep you
on your path.

Wrap up with presentations, photos and evaluation – a sharing
celebration of the power of painting with YOUR choices.

This is a 3 day class.  

Your additional materials fee of $15.00 per student covers those “surprisingly mundane” new materials and tools.  What should you bring? See the Multi Day Workshop materials list on  Materials List