Intuition and Composition / Color and Abstraction


Intuition and Composition / Color and Abstraction – 3 day workshop

Instructor - Kathleen Mooney, NWS, ISAP, ISEA-NF 

Location - by appointment or contract at your location

Three Day Workshop

Day 1 Morning – Your “Inner Harmonics” – Intuition and Color

The “meanings” of color – and what color means to you  

Identify YOUR choices based on YOUR ”Inner Harmonics” using my “Eye Test” method

Symbolism and emotions - how they relate to your color choices

Hands on – Choose several color combinations that work for you.  Create Flash cards.

Day 1 Afternoon – Color – Now, how much color?

How many different colors and what density of repetition brings you the emotional response you seek?

Using your choices from the morning session arrange your colors – do at least 3 variations

Record your Favorite color choices and your Supporting choices on more flash cards

Hands on - Put a first coat on your paper / canvas – prep with your main color

Day 2 Morning – Abstraction and Edges and more colors!

The Abstraction Continuum

Meeting and Merging – what do your lines and edges look like?

Additional colors – your supporting colors

Hands on – determine your imagery, work on your edges, add your additional colors

 Day 2 – Afternoon – Finishing Touches

Graphic Pop – stamping, stencils, fabrics, collage, and/or detailed passages

Focal point and Direction

Hands on – evaluate the current focal point and directional flow – adjust as needed – use your stamps and stencils or other finishing touches, record what you learn on your flash cards

Day 3 – Morning and Afternoon until 3:00

Painting and working with YOUR Color choices – work in series – at least three more small paintings to really experience and internalize your “Inner Harmonics” with color and abstraction

Hands on – paint at least three more paintings applying what you have learned

Daily – review your work and identify how it relates to your choices, update and modify your “Inner Harmonics” flash cards

Day 3 – 3:00 until 4:00 – Presentations, Photos and Evaluation


This is a 3 day class.  

Your additional materials fee of $15.00 per student covers those “surprisingly mundane” new materials and tools.  What should you bring? See the Multi Day Workshop materials list on  Materials List