Mix Your Media


Mix Your Media with Kathleen Mooney

Not to be confused with "Mixed Media" - that is another class entirely!  This class involves using a wide variety of materials in your artwork.  This class is perfect for assemblage and 3D artists.

Mix your media for maximum effects!  Fabric, wood, glass, metal, clay, beads, wire, canvas, paper, sticks, stones... learn the secrets of combining these items with ink, acrylic, gesso, watercolor, glues, rivets, thread, yarn.  MIX IT - AND MAKE IT STRUCTURALLY SOUND!

Stencil, print, layer, mark, paint... MIX IT UP!

You don't have to do ALL OF THIS -  OR MAYBE NOT ALL AT ONCE - but the possibilities are all here for you.

Kathleen Mooney has experience in working with glass, sculpture, metal working, jewelry making, weaving, printing, and painting.  Her focus is sound consruction with sophisticated finishing techniques.  Mix your media with great results.

What is your dream project?  Or would you just like to try some of the possibilities to see what Mixed Media is all about!

This is a 3 day class.  

Your additional materials fee of $15.00 per student covers those “surprisingly mundane” new materials and tools.  What should you bring? See the Multi Day Workshop materials list on  Materials List