The Power of Abstraction / Abstraction and Acrylic Explorations


The POWER of Abstraction / Abstraction and Acrylics Exploration - Instructor Kathleen Mooney

See the Energy of Abstraction transform an inspiration image in 3 variations – lightly abstracted, symbolic essence, and non-representational. Mooney will share valuable insights as she makes her way through 3 real-time demos using water media and her multi-layered approach to award winning art creation.

Fun filled days of taking your existing paintings through the Continuum of Abstraction. Along the way you will gain powerful engagement for you - the artist and your audience.

Learn how to grab and hold the eye of the viewer or juror. Explore the enchantment of imperfection and the lure of the unexpected.

Your paintings will gain energy and excitement as you learn how to add the power of abstraction -- to even the most the most realistic rendering! 

This is a 3 day class.  

Your additional materials fee of $15.00 per student covers those “surprisingly mundane” new materials and tools.  What should you bring? See the Multi Day Workshop materials list on  Materials List