Class Evaluation

Survey / Evaluation Sheet

Kathleen Mooney

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Either write in your answers or rate from 5 to 1 - using this scale

5 = Radically/ 4= Yes / 3= Sure / 2= tiny bit... / 1 = NO

1) Has or will taking this workshop changed your art making habits?


2) Have you or will you be able to produce art that is more personal and powerful?



3) Was the pace of the presentation of this information effective for your learning?



4) Were you able to apply the information easily?



5) Were you able to produce a lot of art that will be useful to you?



6) Were the handouts effective at documenting the information presented?



7) Would you sign up for another workshop with Kathleen Mooney?





8) Were you INSPIRED and was there POSITIVE IMPACT on your art making?



Any other comments –





Thank you for your feedback!  I really love these surveys!  Kathleen Mooney