Prepare for Your Class

What to Bring and Wear -

We want everyone to enjoy their time in class.  Here are some hints, tips and gentle suggestions...

Multiday or Full day Classes and Workshops - Bring any materials and supplies that are listed in the Materials List for your specific class or follow "Materials Supply List for Workshops, Full day or multiday painting classes with Kathleen Mooney" 

For Kathleen Mooney's Art Instruction and Studio Art Class  - Most people have materials, supplies, brushes or tools that they already work with - please bring those - we will show you how to get the most out of them.  Bring art supplies or materials that you wonder how to use or if you want to explore with guidance :)

Your Friends - make this an extra special time and invite your firends to register for the class too!  More people means more memories of techniques, more inspiration to keep working with your new insights and more commitment to keep making ART!

Painting classes - Wear comfortable clothing that YOU DO NOT MIND GETTING PAINT ON and or an apron or paint shirt.  We recommend a large supply of UNSCENTED baby wipes for your hands, brushes and art making.  We will show you how these make your painting more effective and save the water supply. 

Please DO NOT WEAR perfume or heavy scented beauty products and please NO LATEX gloves - Artists are sensitive people and many of us have allergies. 

Music - bring your own personal music player and ear buds if you wish.  We have some CDs and a player, but often people prefer their own "mix" to listen to.

 We have breaks mid morning, lunch and mid afternoon -- mostly you are free to come and go as you wish. 

Demos and Instruction times will be set at the start of each day -- so be there at the start time please!