Mixed Media / Surface Exploration



Mixed Media / Surface Exploration

Surface Exploration with Kathleen Mooney www.kathleenmooney.com

Surface Exploration using acrylic painting presents unique opportunities for inspiring and truly
one of a kind art expression.

In this class we explore a number of special surface enriching techniques and the
attitudes you need to maximize their full potential.

Surface Exploration includes -

1) Monotype writing and transfers - positive and negative - using deli wrap

2) Creating a rich and layered surface - while keeping your colors pure and

3) One of a kind personalized decals with freeform and organic lines and textures.

4) Iron On images that make including realism or resampling photos easy at last.

5) Capturing the truly expressive - flow, splats, drips, spatters, small explosions...

6) Rich texture plates and free form stencils - created with two easy methods

And demos and presentations that show you how to -

Capture your authentic voice and personal expression

Combine all of these Surface Exploration treasures – in what order, with which
materials, and using which mediums

Utilize professional finishes and presentation for maximum WOW factor

Always fun, always powerful, always thought provoking... this very special class will
change your art making! “Hands on” with ample time to explore the possibilities
and determine how you can use them for best advantage.

This is a 3 day class.  

Your additional materials fee of $15.00 per student covers those “surprisingly mundane” new materials and tools.  What should you bring? See the Multi Day Workshop materials list on  Materials List