Honors and Awards


Honors and Awards

Watercolor Artist Magazine December 2017 - 5 Talented Artists to Watch 


Bonese Collins Turner Experimental Cash Award at the NWS 97th International Open Exhibition 2017 for "Sunflowers for Vincent" Video of Exhibition


Grand Prize 2017 Fresh Coast Plein Air Competition, Marquette MI June 30















'The Dock"  Watercolor on 140# paper Grand Prize winning painting by Kathleen Mooney KathleenMooney.com


National Watercolor Society / China - Exchange International Exhibitions 2015 and 2016 - exhibited in 5 museums in China and California - “Irish Coast” - Published in hard cover exhibition catalogue of 200 top international juried water media paintings.


  Irish Coast by Kathleen Mooney


"Maize, Smoke and Gourd" by Kathleen Mooney http://www.kathleenmooney.com/ - Finalist Annual International Juried Competition

The Artist's Magazine 2014 - selected from over 7,500 entries world wide.



"That's How The Light Gets In" 12 x 12 Watermedia on paper

by Kathleen Mooney http://www.kathleenmoney/.com

Tour of the USA and the country of Wales in 2013 and 2014.



Interior Design Magazine May 31, 2014 p196 "Legends" collection "Flowers" by Kathleen Mooney http://www.kathleenmooney.com/

Cover Magazine - London, UK - Spring 2015 Issue 38 - "Amergin Symbols" by Kathleen Mooney www.kathleenmooney.com


Selected Honors and Awards:

NWS - National Watercolor Society - Signature Status 2011 "Trajectory", "Passing", and "Booster" from the Night Skies series

NWS - Annual International Exhibit 2011 "Coordinates"

NWS - Touring Exhibit 2011 - "Coordinates" painting selected from the NWS annual exhibit to tour to six venues in the USA

NWS - "Irish Coast" Shenzen China & 4 museums in China 2015 2016 - and NWS China Exchange Exhibit CA 2016

NWS - Annual International Exhibit 2017 "Sunflowers for Vincent"

ISAP - International Society of Acrylic Painters - Signature Status 2015

ISAP - International Society of Acrylic Painters - "Ages of the Moon" selected for Citra Solv award August 2015

Edward Hopper Art Center - "Patterns - Timeworn" in Nyack NY Annual Exhibition 2017

University of Wisconsin Parkside 2017 - "Timeworn No.4" is accepted in the 25th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition 

Crooked Tree Arts Center 2016 - "Raven Flight" is promotional art for the exhibit, "Spirit" receives Honorable Mention award

Edward Hopper House - NY 2016 - 3 paintings from the "Timeworn" series are selected for Small Matters of Great Importance exhibit.

Pier Arts Center 2016 - Stromness, Orkney, UK - 3 paintings from 2016 Art Residency on Orkney Islands will be on exhibit. 

Huron Mountain Gallery 2017 - 2 paintings from 2015 "Painters on the Loose" wilderness paint-in NW of Marquette, MI.

Citra Solv Artist of the Month - Sept / Oct 2015 - Monetary, product and "Artist of the Month" award ISAP Signature Exhibit 2015

ISEA - Nautilus Fellowship Signature 2011 - awarded with six acceptances in ISEA international juried exhibitions

ISEA - "Cutting Edge" Award 2010 "A Tear the Sun Let Fall"

ISEA / NWS / Wales Group - International Exchange Exhibit 2013 and 2014 - "That's How The Light Gets In" on tour to 3 locations: Sanibel, FL - San Pedro, CA - and Barry, in the country of Wales

ISEA - Annual International Juried Competitions - Exhibits 2006 MI, 2007 CA, 2008 PA, 2009 TX, 2010 MI, 2011 WA, 2012 MA, 2013 FL, 2014 CA, 2015 Online, 2015 MI

Foreign Accents Rugs - 2014 Featured Collection "Legends" at Spring International Home Furnishings Market - High Point NC with #HATtag Editor's Choice from Home Accents Today, 2015.  Spring and Fall High Point Markets 2014, 2015, 2016.

Art Residencies - Ireland 2015, 2016, 2017.  Florida 2016.  Orkney Islands - UK 2016, Georgia O'Keeffe's iconic Ghost Ranch, NM 2017.

Lowell!Arts - "Making Pies"  abstract acrylic on canvas - Honorable Mention - West Michigan Art Competition 2017 -- also accepted was abstract acrylic on panel "When LOVE Came to Town".

Watercolor Artists Magazine - December, 2017: "Ones to Watch" one of 5 national finalists.  3 artworks and a two page feature article - "India Song Bouquet", "Orange and Purple in Glass Vase" and "Sunflowers for Vincent".

The Artist's Magazine - 2014: Finalist Annual International Juried Competition - selected from over 7,500 entries world wide.  "Maize, Smoke, and Gourd".


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